The Orphreys

Orphrey is an ecclesiastical term that encompasses vestments, wall banners, altar panels, lectern covers and related materials. What started as a one-time project to create Lenten banners for the Diocesan Convention in 2004 turned into a 5-year project to create vestments and hangings for every liturgical season.

Guided and directed by Ceeanne Brosi, a core group of about 12 parishioners created eight banners, each depicting a different bare tree mounted on deep purple fabric to hang in the sanctuary during Lent. Several parishioners drew the trees which were enlarged and copied onto canvas or other fabrics. Fabrics and the embroidery were chosen to look like tree bark.

These were so well received that Ceeanne was asked to make another set for Easter. By the time the project came to a close, close to 35 volunteers had worked on the creation of the orphrey. The various sets are wrapped in sheets and stored flat on shelves in a closet especially designed for proper storage.

Each set is based on the colors for seasons of the church and includes two banners that hang in the sanctuary on either side of the organ sound screen, a chasuble, two stoles, lectern and pulpit hangings, altar cloths and four frontal panels for each side of the free-standing altar and the burses and veils for the altar. Martha Precht made all of the burses and veils.

Lent: Two of the hangings that are displayed during Lent
Altar panel
Altar panel: Another green altar panel to reflect Ordinary Time
Vestments: This unique vestment is worn during the “green” season, also called Ordinary Time
Loaves and fishes
Loaves and fishes: This altar hanging is used during the summer
Easter: The decorations created for Easter worship
Risen Jesus
Risen Jesus: A banner of the risen Jesus created for Easter season
Christmas: The sanctuary decorated for Christmastide